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About Us

Vidhivat worship of God creates a centre of devotion and Bhav in the mind of a worshipper. It results in showering of Grace by the Deity and makes the home environment more satvik. It also creates a sanskar of Dharma on the future generation. Also specific substances are necessary in ritualistic worship of god.

www.vidhivat.com is a One Click solution for all Worshippers.


About Us


Since time immemorial, Gods have been worshipped. Worship done the right way gives amazing results. Lives are transformed.


Worship or “puja” is all about praying to the God. Some worship God for salvation and some for offering thanks. Whatever be the objective, worship gives peace of mind and happiness when done correctly. Correctly done worship or “Vidhivat” pleases God. Use of right process or “vidhi” and ingredients or “puja samagri” invokes God`s blessings. Vedas list out various processes and ingredients for worship. 


In today’s fast paced world where resources, both time and priests are at a premium, it has become difficult to worship properly. We, at Vidhivat seek to take care of all your worship needs and provide you with a one stop shop as per Vedic  processes and ingredients for worship. 

Vidhivat decades of religion and rituals knowledge enables us to pack in all  your worship requirements and deliver them right to your doorstep in an easy and transparent manner that saves you from the hassles of shopping around and gives you more time for God.

Vidhivat neatly boxed, itemized and labeled “puja samagri” will make you happy and enable you worship God with great commitment, satisfaction and happiness.

Worship VIDHIVAT. Stay Blessed.
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